Benefits of Oil to Gas Conversion in Barnstable County, MA

Although your oil heater has worked well in the past, the rising cost of oil has probably put a strain on your finances. The Northeast has freezing winters that require a reliable heating system; however, your monthly oil bill shouldn’t break the bank. You should convert to natural gas instead.

Oil to gas conversion in Barnstable County, MA comes with many benefits. Let ConserVision Energy show you how switching from oil to natural gas heating can improve your whole house:


The biggest benefit of switching to gas heating is cost. Heating oil is a petroleum product, which means the price of crude oil determines its price as well. Crude oil normally costs a lot, and it gets more expensive all the time.

Natural gas is cheaper, so your monthly bill will automatically be less. You won’t have to give up your life savings to keep your house warm during a polar vortex. Gas also burns more fully than oil, making a gas heater a more efficient choice. You’ll buy less fuel in addition to paying less for fuel.


Oil is messy. Not only is the oil itself messy, but oil heaters accumulate a lot of soot and debris. If they’re not regularly cleaned and serviced, dirt will make your oil heater work less effectively.

Also, gas heaters can also produce soot, but they don’t produce nearly as much as oil heaters, making them easier to maintain.

Environmental Impact

Want a more environmentally-friendly option? Try natural gas. Although both are fossil fuels, natural gas burns more completely than oil. As a result, gas has fewer CO² emissions, decreasing your carbon footprint.


An oil heater requires you to schedule oil deliveries. If you forget, or a delivery runs late for some reason, you could go without heat for a long period of time.

Natural gas offers a far more convenient solution. An expert will hook your heater to a main pipeline, which will give you a constant supply of gas without making you lift a finger.

Increased Value

An oil to gas conversion in Barnstable County, MA can increase the value of your home. Since oil heaters are more expensive on a monthly basis, houses with oil heaters often sell for less than equivalent houses with gas.

House-wide Benefits

When you choose ConserVision Energy, we’ll optimize more than just your heating system. Our service comes with a full-house evaluation that will improve the overall efficiency of your home. Replacing your heater is only the first step.

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